Starved Rock Cycling Association holds regular rides every week. From casual/leisure rides to “almost” competitive rides. They vary in distance, speed and locations. Below is the list of rides with categories to help you decide which ride you may want to participate in. You can always email us.


A – Road Ride 15-20+ mph, distance varies from 30 – 75 miles.

B – Road Ride 10 – 15 mph, distance varies from 30 – 75 miles. Casual pace.

C – Road Ride 10 – 15 mph, No-Drop, ~ 30 miles distance.

D – Trail Ride – 10 – 15 mph, distance varies based upon starting location.

E – Leisure Ride – easy pace, no drop,geared to new riders distance varies, starting location varies.

Ride Catagory Starting Location Start Day / Time Ride Lead Notes:
Thursday Evening Ride A / B NEW START LOCATION AS OF JULY, 27, 2017 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, Parking lot just north and west of Thorntons, Ottawa, IL, Etna Road, west of route 23 (old starbucks) Thursdays 5:30 PM A and B ride, two groups may ride, A -fast group may be a drop group, which splits from the B-group , B pace adjusted to the riders, a no drop grp.
Monday Evening Duffy's Ride (MNDR) C, E Mondays 5:30 PM Don Dirks This is a fun, social, get acquainted with SRCA club. Ride To Duffy's Tap, in Utica, IL (Road Ride) Lights, helmet recommended. leaves at 5:30 pm (sharp) from Bethel Lutheran Church Parking Lot on 648 West Main Street in Ottawa. Please park next to Main street entrance. , NO DROP RIDE with a stop at Duffy's in Utica. Usually needs lights as daylight changes. No one left behind in the dark.
Tuesday Evening Ride A / B / C Allen Park, Ottawa, IL Parking west at bottom of the entrance hill. Tuesday 5:30 PM
Tuesday Morning Ride (DDR) B/C Dunkin Donut (Ottawa) Tuesdays 9:00 AM Ed Kappelman Casual paced ride, Parking at the east end of the Kroger North lot, Ottawa, IL
Friday Morning Ride (DDR) B/C Dunkin Donut (Ottawa) Fridays 9:00 AM Ed Kappelman Casual paced ride, Parking at the east end of the Kroger North lot, Ottawa, IL
Saturday Casual/Leisure Ride E Various (TBD) 9:00 AM SRCA members will receive an email for start times and locations
Saturday Morning Road Ride A / B/ C Allen Park (Ottawa) Saturdays 9 AM Pace to accomodate all Riders that show

ALL rides are weather permitting. If you are a member of SRCA,  emails may be sent with updates. (All Rides maybe subject to change) Become a member to get connected.  (ALL RIDES LEAVE AT SCHEDULED START TIME,  PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 5 MINUTES EARLY AND BE READY TO RIDE AT THE SCHEDULED TIME) or you may miss the ride. NOTE: Ride schedules change and end the last week in October.  Club members schedule inter-club rides by email or test.  Check our facebook page for fall/winter schedule.

Rides starting/ending at night will require headlamps/tail lights and proper night riding equipment.

Any questions can be directed to starvedrockcycling@yahoo.com