Mission and General Support Guidelines

The mission of the Starved Rock Cycling Association is to provide opportunities for expanding knowledge and appreciation of bicycling. Encourage recreational cycling activities (non-competitive events). Promote public recognition of the need for safer cycling conditions. Advocate development and improvement of bicycling facilities, such as bicycle paths and trails. Keep fellow motorists informed about regulations related to sharing the road with cyclists.

In support of this mission, we support advocacy initiatives, programs, projects and events sponsored or offered by organizations and entities that support and promote specifically bicycle-related programs.

Funding Time Line

The Starved Rock Cycling Association considers funding requests once a year. Interested parties or organizations may submit requesting funding that meet the above mission and guidelines. The application deadline is February 15 of any given calendar year for funding that will be available after the application review process is completed. (NOTE: The amount of funds available to organizations or entities varies from year to years and it is possible that funds/budget may not be available)

Application Review Process

The Executive Committee of the Starved Rock Cycling Association; in consultation with the Finance Committee will review the application and may ask the applicants to appear and be prepared to discuss and explain the application. After review, the committee will submit selected applications to the Starved Rock Cycling membership for vote. All applicants will be notified of the funding decisions within 15 days of the review process.

Reporting and Follow Up

The committee or named committee approve and request that pictures and news of the project/program completed be reported to the public by a narrative in the newspaper and how the funding source was provided by the Starved Rock Cycling Association, 30 days or sooner after completion of the project or program and a copy emailed or provided to or by mail to PO Box 2304, Ottawa, IL 61350. Failure to submit in a timely manner may result in disqualification for further or future funding from the Starved Rock Cycling Association. The Starved Rock Cycling Association reserves the right to approve in advance any brochures or publication supporting by funding from the SRCA.


Form A, 11/21/10